Swim Lessons

OST swim lessons are designed to teach water safety, stroke technique and a love of the water. We have a 1 to 5 teacher/student ratio that provides superior opportunity for the student to be relaxed, confident and able to learn. Lessons focus on breath control and learning the swim strokes.  When the swimmer completes the advanced lessons, they have the opportunity to join Ohana Swim Team.

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Level 1
Beginner level, age 3 and up No swimming experience necessary. Swimmer will learn to swim up to 20 yards on front and back.

Level 2
Swimmer must be able to swim 20 yards on front with head in the water and arms out of the water; must be able to swim 20 yards on back with arms out of the water.

Level 3
Swimmer must be able to swim crawl stroke with side breathing 25 yards (full length of the pool); swim backstroke 25 yards; have knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly.